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Little Man's Closet is amazing! I've purchased 2 outfits for my little man and they were absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic customer service from Sherene too. Looking forward to adding to the collection!!

Simona Gomes

Amazing quality outfits, I have LOVED every one of the outfits I have purchased. AHHHMAZING <3

Christeen Ward

Simply amazing. I found little man's closet when looking for an out fit for my little man for my sisters wedding and for his first birthday photo shoot. Little did I know 3 years later I would still be getting custom made outfits from here. We have purchased over the years everything from hats, bow ties, suspenders, shirts pants and even a heavy woollen coat which was great for our trip overseas. Each item has been custom made for us based on what colours we wanted and I know every piece is hand made with love. Well worth the price. My only regret is Sebastian keeps growing too big for each outfit.

Jodie House